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TotalGlass system, being the newest product of Pinus, is a family of the woodwork products in glass cladding, in various configurations.

We offer a wide choice of doors and windows made of the best natural materials based on modern technology.

TotalGlass means an inimitable design and the highest quality of products – solidity and the durability of production in a unique form.

The profile of TotalGlass

Glass is one of the most popular materials used in modern architecture and constantly arouses our fascination, leaving the space for its later exploration. Combined with wood, it creates unique projects which go beyond the client’s imagination.

Paint is not a layer. It is a monolite

Ceramic paint is used on the steppes, which melts into the glass during hardening. This gives the effect of “eternal guarantee” without the need for any renovation. As a result, the glazing – although it seems really delicate as the glass itself, is in fact extremely durable and solid.

From the inside – WOOD

Visible from the inside wooden frames and sashes of TotalGlass System give to the rooms warm and timeless character. Wood, without doubts, is a classical material which suits the many arrangement methods (combined with stone, glass or metal gives a wonderful effect). We did not want to avoid this solid material in the production of our system TotalGlass.

From the outside – PURE GLASS

On the outside system windows and doors are connected in various combinations. Depending on the clients’ needs create a flush surface of the glass. Closer to nature we can feel not only being in the outdoor. TotalGlass forms a harmony of a modern building with the beauty of surrounding nature. Glass is a synonym of glamorous style – modernism, which could not be forgotten in our revolutionary system.

The TotalGlass system combines the natural surroundings with the interior of your dream home.

TotalGlass – a wall of glass without borders.

Sample projects

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